Frequently Asked Questions

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with under 14 days’ notice will lose their 50% deposit. This is because it’s within our average window of booking, so after 14 days it becomes difficult to fill that spot again that we’ve been holding.

Cancellations with under 48 hours’ notice will be charged the full amount of the charter. At this point, it will be almost certainly impossible to fill that time slot.

Weather Cancellation Policy

If the port closes for any reason, it’s raining or there are any major storms we will first try to work with you to reschedule. If that is not possible, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Mother Nature’s decisions are out of our hands, and you shouldn’t pay for that!

Where are you located?

Our 62′ Mi Vieja is located at Dock letter i (as in iguana).

Our 60′ Sunseeker is located at Dock H.

Our 37′ Nova is located at Dock F.

If you have booked a yacht other than those mentioned above, we send out that dock location with your booking information email.

If you can’t find that email, just let us know!

Where do we get on the boat?

Check your confirmation email, and you’ll see a dock location and link to the Google Maps pin.

The 60′ Sunseeker is located at Dock H and 62′ Mi Vieja is located at Dock letter i (as in Iguana). 37′ Nova is located at Dock F

For any boats located at Dock F, H or I, if you’re taking a taxi, ask to be dropped off at Lorenzillo’s Restaurant. It’s right on the corner and very close to our docks.

If your boat is located at Dock B or D, the best drop-off spot for a taxi is Marina Fiesta..

The gates for all of the docks in Cabo are locked, so you’ll wait just outside the gate at the marina and we’ll be there to greet you!

Didn’t receive a confirmation email? Check your junk folder or reach out and let us know. We’ll resend it!

How big are your yachts?

Mi Vieja, which you can see here is 62′.

Sunseeker, which you can see here is 60′

Nova, which you can see here is 37′.

Then we have various other boats like our 60′ Cruiser, 44′ Sea Ray, 37′ Sundancer and a 32′ Bayliner.

Do you offer transportation service to the dock?

We do not, but can definitely recommend a service for you!

Why don’t you refund for seasickness?

For safety and comfort, our yachts never go out in conditions that would be unsafe or too rough. Every once in a while one person aboard who is prone to motion sickness may experience it.

Our recommendation is that if you think that you may get a bit motion sick on a boat, take a Dramamine about 30 minutes before your charter and you’ll be set.

However, on the very rare occasion when the entirety or majority of a group reports seasickness — it’s almost certain to be hangovers or food poisoning of some kind from a previous restaurant or buffet.

This is not to say we don’t believe that the whole or majority of the group feels sick. We definitely don’t think that group is being dishonest about how they feel — but when you are even slightly hungover and you step aboard a boat, that feeling is magnified. If many people are sick on the same calm charter, it is highly unlikely to be straight up seasickness, especially given the conditions we are permitted to go out in.

Our recommendation is to show up well-rested and avoid those extra few cocktails the night before. You will enjoy the experience so much more.

Of course, we’d never tell you not to go have a good time the night before a charter. You’re on vacation in Cabo! But when the idea to have, “Just a few more!” comes up the night before… Press pause, we’ll have an unlimited open bar for you the next day!

What is the refund policy?

You may have seen that we have the only 100% money-back guarantee in Cabo San Lucas.

This is true and it applies to charters booked on any of our yachts – Mi Vieja, Sunseeker and Nova.

If you were not treated like family and don’t feel like the service was as advertised, we’ll refund you completely.

This does not include cancellations ahead of time or full refunds due to seasickness (see below for seasickness policy).

Please note, the policy is primarily in place for unforeseen changes like canceled vacations, flight issues, family emergencies, etc., and it would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know as soon as possible if you would be canceling, as it would allow us more time to fill the spot.

What’s included?

Everything is listed below, but don’t forget a gratuity for the crew — they’ll show you a wonderful time and make sure you are completely taken care of.

  • Welcome cocktails with muddled seasonal fruit, sparkling water and your choice of vodka or rum.
  • A fruit platter, freshly diced Mexican-style salsa and chips.
  • Full meal selection
  • Unlimited open bar with mixed drinks and national beers (depending on availability, we tend to have Pacifico, Pacifico Light, Corona, Modelo and Bud Light, but it varies).
  • House red and house white wine. House rose available upon request
  • Towels
  • Sound system you can connect to
  • An excellent captain and crew
  • Our yachts have one paddle board on each, complimentary.
  • 60′ and 62′ yachts also have a single kayak on each.

Where does the tour take us?

Three Hours – After being greeted with welcome cocktails and a fruit platter, we head out along the bay wall to Land’s End, along the way seeing Pelican’s Rock, Lover’s Beach, El Arco (The Arch) and all the other infamous rock formations. After checking out El Arco, we’ll cruise along the Pacific mountainside of Pedregal. Then we can take a nice big loop out and back into the main Cabo Bay, anchor somewhere along the shore and jump in for a swim!

Food and drinks will be served throughout.

Four Hours – After being greeted with welcome cocktails and a fruit platter, we head out along the bay wall to Land’s End, along the way seeing Pelican’s Rock, Lover’s Beach, El Arco (The Arch) and all the other infamous rock formations. After checking out El Arco, we’ll cruise along the Pacific mountainside of Pedregal.

Then we head east, past the main Cabo Bay, along the shoreline to either Santa Maria or Chileno Bay. This takes about 30-40 minutes. The choice of the bay is yours, but the crew usually knows the best one that day depending on conditions.

Once at either of those bays we can swim, snorkel, relax and lay out. The drinks will be flowing and food will be served throughout.

After we’re done anchoring at one of the bays, we’ll head back west and cruise the coastline as we head back to the main bay and do one final loop through there on our way into the marina.

Five Hours – Similar to four hours with the ability to head to both Santa Maria and Chileno Bay (as opposed to only having time for one). Alternatively, you can stay at one and just enjoy being anchored for longer.

Six Hours or More – Similar to five hours with the addition of more food and more time to relax and enjoy the yacht, taking our time between each location. There are some other bays further east that we can make it to as well. Just ask your crew, the boat is yours!

What is your recommended gratuity?

We suggest 15% of the charter total for your crew.

You’ll quickly see they earn it. Our crew will treat you just like family and make sure you have the best experience available in Cabo!

The team we have are wonderful people and want to make sure they show you how amazing their home of Cabo San Lucas is. They’ll earn every bit of that tip and you’ll step off the boat having made new friends here in Mexico.

Are there any discounts for groups?

As a group grows in size, the cost per person does reduce even though the total cost increases slightly.

When you take a look at our services included and the complete quality of charter you receive, you will see that our prices are already competitive.

Beyond the pricing being competitive, all of the included add-ons are more than any of our competitors.

How many hours do you guys usually charter for?

We definitely recommend four to five hours for the optimum experience.

Some guests love to be out for the full eight hours, but that can be a bit long for some.

Others may want a shorter trip, and to keep the budget a bit lower they opt for three hours, which is our minimum but also a wonderful experience.

On yachts larger than 40′ there is no snorkelling with the three-hour charters as it’s too far to the snorkelling bays to make it without feeling like we’re rushing you in and out of the water.

If you can make it fit your budget, aim for four to five hours, but no matter what you’ll have an amazing experience.

What time does the morning cruise start?

This depends on the time of year. During the winter months, November-March morning departure would be around 9:00am. We can work that out together when we chat.

Spring and summer months as the days get longer our morning departures can be 10:00am if 9:00am is too early for you.


Bronzer, spray-on sunscreen, shimmer bronzers or any type of lotion or glitter, etc. This is incredibly difficult for us to clean from the boats after you leave and oftentimes results in us throwing out towels and premature wear and tear of our upholstery and furnishings.

A cleaning fee will be applied.

Do you have airport pick up and drop off?

We do not have any transportation vehicles, however, we do have a company we recommend with very friendly service.