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About Seashine

When heading out to sea, there’s no need to leave luxury behind…


Ahoy! We’re Mikee and Katy, two Canadian expats living in Mexico. We think chartering a luxury yacht in Cabo San Lucas should be as easy and foolproof as calling an Uber in NYC. So, we started Seashine Adventures. Welcome aboard.

When we first arrived in Cabo San Lucas, we did what any newcomer worth their salt should do. We acted like tourists.

We ate out at local restaurants, chatted with our new neighbors, and made plans to get out on the water. We asked around and found some willing captains to take us out on a bunch of local sea tours, and learned a ton about gorgeous Cabo San Lucas by taking it in from the sea.

But we didn’t only learn about Cabo. We also discovered exactly what makes the difference between a good sailing experience and a bad one.

We figured out the crucial details that separate an amazingly unforgettable day on the water, and a boating experience you wish you could forget.

Sometimes the difference is as simple as chartering a boat with a crew that speaks your language, and knows how to make you feel comfortable and catered to. Sometimes it’s knowing enough to make sure you’re setting sail on a state of the art luxury yacht, and not a dated, mildewy mess.

We know all too well that when a boat or a promised onboard service doesn’t live up to the standards advertised in the tour’s promotional materials, your boating experience can quickly become a huge disappointment instead of the amazing life experience you booked and paid for.

The smallest details: the food, the amenities, the crew—it all has to be right. And when it’s wrong, it can easily ruin your day. Heck, maybe even your whole vacation.

But how can you know if those promises will be delivered from thousands of miles away, sitting behind a computer screen?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the dirty work for you. With Seashine you have boots on the ground, or should I say boat shoes on the deck, double and triple checking that each tour is everything it’s supposed to be. If it’s available to book with Seashine, it’ll be perfect. We know, because we checked.

The Seashine Difference

Before starting Seashine, we spent months researching Cabo’s available fishing, sailing and luxury yacht charters. And by researching, I mean living it up on a bunch of different boats. (It was tough work, but someone had to do it.)

On each and every trip we asked ourselves one simple question. Would we book a tour with this operator for our friends and family? If the answer was anything other than a resounding yes, they didn’t make the cut.

Once we had personally quality tested and hand-picked each boat and operator, we created partnerships with those we trusted to offer a perfect boating experience to you, our customer—not just sometimes, but every time. And Seashine Adventures was born.

That’s how we know that with us, the perfect boating day you’ve been planning for and dreaming of will be just that. Perfect.


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— Bernard Moitessier