First off, congratulations!

You did it — You’re getting on a boat!

There are few things in this world as rewarding as stepping aboard a yacht to a welcoming crew, putting your favourite music on and kicking back while they take care of the rest.

The single most important thing…

When you head out on charter, our boat is your home!

Make yourself comfortable, relax and let the crew know if there’s anything at all they can do for you. You will be greeted with a fresh fruit platter and welcome mimosas made with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Mimosas and Fruit in Cabo

After you get comfortable, the crew can get some cocktails ready for you, a cold beer or something non-alcoholic, perhaps. Whatever suits you best!

After that, you are in their care and they will go above and beyond to make sure you know that.

If you remember one thing from this this post: Your only job is to have an amazing time on the charter. Your crew will take care of the rest.

Interested in fishing? Say the word and they’ll put the lines in.

Want to anchor and swim more than seeing any of the landmarks or sights? Just let the team know! Depending on the length of your charter, they’ll head straight to a great spot to anchor and swim.

The crew is there for you, so let them know what you like and prefer and they’ll do their absolute best to make it happen.

“What should I bring?”

These items may seem obvious, but once you’re relaxed and in vacation mode even the simplest things may slip your mind.


The sun won’t feel as hot while you’re at sea because of the refreshing sea breeze as the yacht cruises along. You may not be noticing it, but you’re cooking!

If you bring spray-on sunscreen, it’s best to apply it at the dock just before boarding the boat. Once we’re cruising in that ocean air, you can bet that spray will be misting everywhere except for where you mean to apply it.


We have you covered! Don’t worry about bringing towels from your accommodations.


There is covered space aboard, but you’ll also be hanging out in the sun lots. A little shade for your noggin will go a long way in keeping you from burning or dehydrating.


Don’t get stuck squinting all day or hiding your eyes from the sun with your hands. The fuzzy view through squinted eyelids isn’t as nice as the view of the ocean.

Camera/Smart Phone

You’ll want some photos to show your friends back home you’re having a better time than them! 📸

We can also offer professional photo services as an add-on, just ask anyone on our team for more info!

First time at sea? Prone to seasickness?

It sure doesn’t happen often on a tour that our guests get seasick, but it can happen even to the best of us.

If you know that you are prone to sea sickness or even at all worried about it, grab some Bonine or Dramamine at any of the local pharmacies. Even antihistamines like Benadryl can hold seasickness at bay.

They shouldn’t cost too much and are a great little insurance policy.

Often motion sickness starts off in your head, then once it takes over it becomes hard to come back from. Step aboard knowing that you are safe, on a modern yacht with a great crew! No reason to think that you’ll get seasick or have anything to worry about.

Whoops, I partied a little too hard the night before…

We get it, you’re on vacation! In Cabo!

The bars are open until the wee hours and you never get hung over, no, not you! Of course not.

“Just a couple more rounds and we’ll be fine for tomorrow, we’re just laying around on a boat anyhow!” <— Famous last words.

While it’s true that a day at sea is all about fun and relaxation, you need to remember that hangovers aren’t friends with motion.

Boats, even on the calmest of days have just enough motion to make that extra cocktail seem like the worst idea ever.

Now, we would never tell you not to have fun and go out enjoying yourself the night before. But, you paid good money for a yacht charter, so try and save the last few extra cocktails for the boat ride the next day.

The yacht bar has more than you’ll need!

I promise you’ll enjoy yourself that much more.

If you “accidentally” still wind up hung over, see my note above about seasickness and take some meds an hour before hopping aboard.

Cheers, and see you aboard!


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