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Private Yacht Charters in Cabo San Lucas

An incredible day on a private yacht, or your money back.

Welcome to Seashine. Your new best friends in Cabo!

Hurray, you made it! Now that you’re here, we can safely say you’re looking for a yacht charter during your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Could be you’re looking to snorkel, could be you just want to enjoy an open bar and sunset at sea out past Land’s End — maybe a combination of everything!

I have some good news, my friend! That’s us, that’s what we do, know and love.

Let’s not waste another moment of your time. Not on bad service, and certainly not on a charter that isn’t what they promised you it would be.

When you book your yacht charter through Seashine Adventures, you’re booking with certainty.

We may all have different budgets but we all want the same thing from our hard-earned vacation: Incredible memories.

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“Absolute Perfection!”

“This was our first time ever booking a private yacht, and I’m so glad to have done it. We had never been to Cabo, were traveling as a party of six, ranging in ages from 17 to 70, and every single one of us agrees that this was the highlight of the trip. They were amazing to work with, and tailored the trip to exactly match our needs. Seashine truly went above and beyond, and this carried over into how expertly Diego and the crew delivered on all of the plans we had made during the booking process.

While we could have easily booked a trip on a crowded party boat, there is no chance that would have created the lifelong memory that this excursion did. Thanks the Seashine team!”

Believe me, my young friend,

there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

— Kenneth Grahame